Be a Champion for Children's Health

You're part of the Speak Now for Kids community. Great!

Take action now to support children's health care by letting your elected officials know why they should prioritize kids in every decision they make.

grassroots_toolkit_cover.png“Be a Champion for Children’s Health” is a guide to help you learn more about various ways to be involved in legislative advocacy at a local, state and national levels.

Follow these simple recommendations to increase your effectiveness as a champion for children’s health:

Children and their families depend on champions like you to be their advocates and to support policies that improve the well-being of all kids.

Whether you’re a child patient, parent or someone else concerned about our kids’ health, it's important that you weigh in to influence local, state, and federal policies. We need to educate our elected officials on how their decisions impact children’s health.

Speak Now for Kids is an online advocacy network designed to raise awareness among legislators about how public policies impact children’s health care. Established by the Children’s Hospital Association, Speak Now for Kids offers resources for people like you to support your advocacy efforts.

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