Celebrating 50 Years of a Vital Program for Kids

medicaid-50th-twitter-506x253-v2.jpgFifty years ago today, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the federal and state health care partnership called Medicaid.

Medicaid was designed to provide a health care lifeline to be there for people when they need it. Over the past half century, Medicaid has had a positive and lasting impact on the many families it serves, providing health care to one in every five Americans from all walks of life. Currently, Medicaid provides comprehensive and affordable health care coverage to over 30 million children.

In a new study by Yale University, children who were eligible for Medicaid benefits when it was expanded during the 1980s earn more as adults and are more likely to attend and complete college, as well as boost their future earnings.

Join us in celebrating Medicaid’s 50th birthday and its role in children’s health care. Take one minute to tell Congress to keep Medicaid strong for kids – both now and in the future.

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