At-Home Nursing Care Lacking for Bay Area's Sickest Kids

Phin Hause weighed less than two pounds when she was born eight weeks early. For 14 months, she remained in the ICU. Every day, her parents Lori Ann Dotson and Jeff Hause, made the long drive from their home in Napa to Kaiser in Roseville.

When doctors decided Phin was strong enough to leave the hospital, her parents started looking for caregivers to assist her in the home. She needs round the clock care and a team of skilled nurses to administer life-sustaining treatments. Phin still uses a ventilator to breathe, feeding tubes to eat and a host of other medical machines to stay healthy.

After weeks of trying, the search for fulltime at-home nursing support in their area came up short. So the family moved—500 miles south to San Diego County—to get Phin, now 2½–years-old, the care she needed.

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