"Little Darth Vader" Strikes Back Against CHD

I'm Max Page, also known as "Little Darth Vader" from a 2011 Super Bowl commercial, and a proud supporter of Speak Now for Kids. I'm also a congenital heart patient who receives care at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. I'm grateful for my current health and advocate on behalf of kids like me with congenital heart disease (CHD).

Check out the video below about my growing up with a congenital heart condition, how it impacts my mother, Jennifer, and why you should Speak Now for Kids.

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Little Darth Vader! I’m proud of you too and so is my son Finley! My son is very similar to you on his outlook and his view of Tetralogy and his experience in hospital. So I’m proud of him too. I’m proud of all the children who equally represent their own personal voice and share their strength and outlook with others in such a mature and supportive way. Thank you Max!