2016 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero: Kayleigh

rsz_mt_washington_pediatric_hospital_klatt_kayleigh_photo.jpgKayleigh was born 14 weeks early at Mercy Medical Center, the 24th smallest baby ever born in the US. At 4 ½-months-old, she was transferred to the intensive care unit at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and was finally moved to Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital (MWPH) when she was 8 months of age for long-term rehabilitation. Using the hospital’s simulation lab, Kayleigh’s parents were taught how to care for their daughter with special needs, preparation they needed as they prepared to take her home.

Kayleigh has been successfully weaned off a ventilator and has made huge cognitive strides since her birth on New Year’s Day 2014. Although, she still suffers from chronic lung disease and myopathy as a result of her premature birth, Kayleigh has been working hard to improve her speech and feeding. In fact, Kayleigh is learning sign language to improve her communication with others and learning to eat better through MWPH’s outpatient feeding program.

Today, Kayleigh is nearly 3-years-old and a healthy weight for her age. She is happily walking and exploring the world with her family, attending symphonies and playgroup regularly.


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Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital is the absolute best place for infants, children AND their families. The staff is awesome and the most compassionate people you’ll ever meet. I recommend “The Mount” to everyone, every chance I get!