Lynn Gibbons

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On behalf of Ava’s summer swim team, the Watermont Bullfrogs, we want her to know that she REALLY ROCKS!!!
Each summer, we are truly amazed at the progress she has made-great, great strides gained by a fierce determination!
A few summers ago, Ava could hardly move and spoke few words. Each summer, with the help of other teen friends swimming and holding her afloat…and wearing floatation aids…she competed in the backstroke event in the meets.
THIS SUMMER…that AWESOME AVA SWAM THE ENTIRE EVENT WITHOUT ANY HELP OR ANY FLOATATION AIDS!!!! Everyone from both teams loudly cheered her on from around the entire pool. I can attest that there was hardly a dry eye, including this Crazy Coach Lynn!!
AVA- keep on smiling and keep puting one foot in front of the other…never look back. You are our inspiration.
We love you!🐸❤️🐸❤️🐸