Moniluv Peace

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My name is Monique Neal, the proud aunt of my nephew Jarcari and my sister Noriencia. As a family we have help support my sister through some difficult choices early on in Jarcari’s life. I can say that my sister is a phenomenal women and most of all mother. She cares deeply for both her son and been by Jarcari side through it all. My nephew is a true blessing and gift to us all. His personality is bigger than life and I can’t wait to see what he becomes. Without the support and funding at a state and government level, my nephew would not have been afforded to have the surgeries and care he has been given. I salute all the people that advocate toward Healthcare services as well as those who find it in their hearts to speak on behalf of others. I will continue to stand strong with my sister and nephew as they journey through life and thrive for excellence. Thank you Speaknowforkids for giving my family this platform to tell their testimony.