2 Million Kids Could Lose Their Health Insurance By January — and Mine Could Be One of Them

In early October, Congress let funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) lapse when it failed to pass a budget resolution, leaving families and states wondering what will happen to the 9 million children who rely on CHIP for health insurance. While states do have reserve funding for precisely this kind of situation, at least six states are running dangerously low on money. Colorado has sent out letters to CHIP recipients urging them to look for different sources of health insurance, and Arizona, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Ohio, and Washington, D.C., have all said they'll run out of money by early January.

If Congress doesn't act fast, an estimated 2 million children will lose their health insurance by the end of January, with an additional 1 million losing coverage by the end of February. (In an attempt to prevent a government shutdown, the House did vote early last Thursday morning on a continuing resolution that would include a temporary $3 billion to keep the program running through at least March.)

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