2016 Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero: Kaleb

rsz_kap_cha_advocacy_dinner_2016-022.jpgAt their 18-week OB appointment, Kaleb’s parents learned that their baby boy had challenges. They were told that his heart was not developing correctly, and he was going to need numerous surgeries to repair his cardiovascular system. At birth, Kaleb was diagnosed with dextrocardia and heterotaxy. In other words, Kaleb’s heart is located on the opposite side of his body and points in the opposite direction. He was also born without a spleen and with malrotated intestines.

Kaleb has been a patient of Children's Health Children’s Medical Center in Dallas since day one and has received a range of services from surgery to annual pediatric visits. Children’s Medical Center has exceptionally coordinated Kaleb’s care throughout the years, which has allowed Kaleb’s health to greatly improve since his initial diagnosis.

Today, Kaleb is a happy go-lucky and exceptionally curious 5-year-old. At this year’s Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day, Kaleb had a ball meeting superheroes dressed in costume and exploring Washington D.C. on his own two feet.

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