2016 Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero: Emery

Emery’s parents could not imagine the challenges for their sweet baby who was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Now 7-years-old, Emery has made numerous visits and endured many procedures at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center in Omaha. She has had multiple procedures for her ears, two major heart surgeries, and most recently a spinal cord operation. Although she has made extraordinary gains and improvements in some areas, Emery’s condition is a lifelong journey. She will require the care of specialists at Omaha Children’s for many more years to come.

Even after many pokes and pricks, Emery never forgets to thank her doctors and nurses, often muttering “thank you for making me better.” Her vivacious attitude provides countless smiles and constant laughs, even during doctor’s appointments and hospital stays. Emery’s presence is most definitely felt when she spends time at Omaha Children’s; her joy fills every room she enters and she intuitively knows exactly when someone needs a hug!

Attending kindergarten this year has kept Emery busy, but also has cultivated her love of reading and drawing. In her free time, she enjoys singing to the Frozen soundtrack and learning to sashay at dance class.

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