2016 Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero: Dayson


Dayson was only three weeks old when he was diagnosed with pulmonary atresia, asthma and laryngomalacia. This complex diagnosis required Dayson to have a tracheostomy, requiring constant nursing care. Having access to Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, and the extra supportive services that are specific to children, helped Dayson and his family cope with the extraordinary situation of his complex medical care needs.

Dayson has made lots of progress since he last attended Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day in 2013. He had upper airway reconstructive surgery in December 2013 to have the tracheostomy removed. Then, in 2014 he was one of the first candidates with his size pulmonary valve to have an artificial valve placed via cardiac catheterization. Dayson once again proved to be resilient with strength to overcome his many health challenges.

Today, Dayson is an energetic and vibrant second grader. The older he gets, the more stable and improved his medical status has become. He enjoys reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, playing baseball and basketball with his friends. Treatment at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital has given Dayson more freedom to be an active little boy. Because of this, he is a hero to many of the other children that face the challenges of lifelong congenital diseases.

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My grandson passed his test. He will give his Testimony when the time is right. He has a Mom full OF FIRE FOR JESUS. And her Faith was truly tested, but she never gave in. GOD IS ABLE. HE NEVER LEFT DAYSON’S SIDE!
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Prayer is the 🔑 and if in doubt, try it!