2016 Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero – Arielle

rsz_boston_childrens_hospital_beaulieu_arielle_photo.jpgArielle was born seemingly healthy in 2013 but a CT scan eight days after her birth revealed an enormous brain tumor. Her parents were told that the mass was untreatable and to take her home under hospice care. Unsatisfied with this prognosis, they turned to Boston Children’s Hospital for a second lifesaving opinion.

At Boston Children’s, a surgeon removed the bulk of the tumor. It was identified as a congenital intracranial teratoma - described as uniformly fatal in newborns. After consulting with a team of international oncologists, clinicians decided that total removal of the tumor would give Arielle the best chance of survival. After six brain surgeries and debilitating, but surprisingly only temporary side effects, Arielle has developed into a healthy three-year-old.

Today, she loves singing with her older brother and sister, dressing up like Spider-Man and tending to her baby dolls. Arielle will receive scans into adulthood to watch for relapse, but her future looks bright. As one of only a hand full of survivors, she is considered a miracle by her family who hope to repay it by advocating for children with serious medical conditions.

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