2016 Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero: Anna-Maria

rsz_kosair_childrens_hospital_beck_anna-marie_photo.jpgAnna-Maria was diagnosed eight years ago with a low-grade brain tumor of the hypothalamus and optic pathways that caused hydrocephalus, a life-threatening collection of fluid in the ventricles of her brain. Since then she has had 12 brain surgeries, is on her 8th round of chemotherapy and has endured six weeks of proton beam radiation.

Currently in treatment, and followed closely by multiple highly specialized physicians at Kosair Children's Hospital, Anna-Maria attends high school and is actively involved with her swim team and youth group.

Despite going through so many treatments, she is very happy and positive and has a strong desire to "give back." As an active member of the Bourbon & Bowties committee which raises funds for the hospital, Anna-Maria sits on the Kosair Children's Hospital Youth Advisory Council and hosts bake sales to benefit children's cancer patients. In 2015, because of her desire to pay it forward, she was named Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy by the Louisville chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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Anna-Marie, stay tough. Many people are watching your progress. You can beat this! You are a warrior! Your fighting this fight like a champion inspires others who are also going through what you are going. When they see your strength and determination, it inspires them. You are going to beat this! No matter how tough things get, keep moving forward! You will conquer ANYTHING in your path!
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Hang in there, Anna-Maria! You are so strong, and you are such an inspiration. You are a HERO to so many going through cancer treatments, and to so many others. May God grant you continued strength – you are a bright light to so many! xoxo