2015 Family Advocacy Day Hero -- Maisy

Martindale_Maisy.jpgAfter more than 32 surgeries, including a pacemaker placement and feeding tube, Maisy still shines brightly and loves life. Born to a drug addicted birth mother who was unable to care for her, Maisy was adopted at 18 months old while she still required a ventilator to keep her alive. At only 7 years old, she has already been through skull reconstructions, open heart surgeries and many other complex surgeries that have saved her life. Today, Maisy is thriving with the help of an amazing team of doctors and the love of her adoptive family. 

Her strength and courage daily inspire those around her. Maisy loves to sing, act, swim and go to school. Described as an “amazing ray of sunshine” there is no doubt that she will change this world—one smile at a time. Doctors still don't know the cause of all of her medical conditions, but no one doubts that Maisy is one of a kind.

Watch as Maisy entertains everyone by taking on Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" at the recent Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day

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