2015 Family Advocacy Day Hero -- Lauryn

Audrict_Lauryn.jpgLauryn was born prematurely at 30 weeks and placed in the NICU for two months due to failure to thrive. She had her first seizure three days after her first birthday, but lacked a clear diagnosis even after visiting several hospitals. Lauryn endured back to back hospital stays at Children's Hospital New Orleans due to pneumonia, status epilepsy, upper respiratory infections and loss of oxygen due to seizures. She was finally diagnosed at Texas Children's Hospital with cortical dysplasia as the cause for her intractable epilepsy and developmental delay. Asthma also contributed to her frequent hospital stays and her increase in seizures. Because previous seizure treatments were not successful, Lauryn underwent a frontal and temporal lobectomy in August 2013.

Before surgery, Lauryn’s vocabulary was limited to approximately 50 words and she never cried or showed any emotions. After surgery, Lauryn’s began to use more words and she began walking in December 2014. Even now she suffers from intermittent seizures, sometimes 30+ in a day, though a combination of five seizure medications is helping. Now 6 years old, Lauryn loves being out of the house, whether it is visiting family, shopping or attending festivals. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse and enjoys singing, dancing, being read to and entertaining others.

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