2015 Family Advocacy Day Hero -- Dacey

R_eajMBwgfO6jXJoV_Patrick.Dacey_Photo.JPGDacey, a bright, outgoing 7-year-old from a rural community in North Central Texas, was born with such severe scoliosis that her spine was curved at a 37 degree angle. She was also diagnosed with just one kidney, with her heart on the opposite side of her chest and with thoracic insufficiency syndrome, meaning her chest cavity cannot grow enough to support normal breathing and lung growth. Dacey underwent her first surgery when she was 18 months old to implant a titanium rib device to expand her chest cavity.

In her short life, she has undergone 15 surgeries to further adjust and replace the titanium rods. Her most recent surgery involved the insertion of a “MAGEC rod” that can be adjusted by remote control, making Dacey the first patient at the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio to receive this procedure. The surgeries have helped improve her spinal curvature by 15 degrees.

Dacey leads an active life and keeps up in school. Her sweet smile and charming personality have helped her win 15 beauty pageants since she was 2 years old. She also participates in Girl Scouts and helped her troop sell 2,000 boxes of cookies this year. As a “Gap Star,” she and other elementary school students perform basketball drills between quarters at the Cranfills Gap High School basketball games.

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