Linda W.S.

commented on Meet Christian: 2018 Family Advocacy Day Champion 2018-06-07 09:41:49 -0400 · Flag
Christian, Thank you so much for going to Washington and advocating for Children’s health care! You have always been a champion and now you are sharing your story on the hill! I hope you have an amazing time! Go Christian! Linda Waddell

commented on Meet Khalil: 2017 Speak Now for Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero 2017-06-21 11:26:08 -0400 · Flag
Hi Khalil,
It is so wonderful that you are attending Speak Now For Kids in Washington, D.C.!! Sharing your impactful story to help others is admirable and everyone is so proud of you. Your charisma will shine through and win the hearts of everyone you meet. I wish you and your family all the best on your trip to Washington! Have a wonderful time and enjoy every minute.
Linda Waddell

commented on 2016 Speak Now For Kids Family Advocacy Day Hero: Christian 2016-06-16 14:26:32 -0400 · Flag
Hi Christian! I am so excited for you, Nancy and Lisa that you are going to Washington to meet with our congress and share your amazing story. Thank you for advocating for special needs children everywhere and sharing what a special place Children’s Specialized Hospital is. I hope you enjoy every moment. Love, Linda Waddell